Hernia Surgery

A hernia occurs when tissue bulges out through an opening in the muscles. Any part of the abdominal wall can weaken and develop a hernia, but the most common sites are the groin (inguinal), the navel (umbilical) and a previous surgical incision site.

An incision is made near the site and the hernia is repaired with mesh or by suturing (sewing) the muscle closed. An operation is the only way to repair a hernia. You can return to your normal activities and in most cases will not have further discomfort.

South Sound Surgery

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A Center of Excellence Specializing in:

✓ Wound Care
✓ Hernia Repair
✓ Colon /Breast Cancer
✓ Colonoscopy/ Endoscopy
✓ Hemorrhoids/Fissures/Fistulas
✓ Diseases of the Gallbladder/Biliary System

South Sound Surgery offers minimally invasive laparoscopic and general surgery in a private setting with the assistance of knowledgeable staff and anesthesiologist.

1. Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Low risk
  • Return to normal activity in 7 to 10 days
  • Less pain/Discomfort
  • No special

2. Hernia Repair

  • Inguinal
  • Umbilical
  • Hiatal

3. Colonoscopy

  • Most accurate colon cancer screening test
  • Painless outpatient test perform under anesthesia
  • Takes about 30 minutes
  • Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how simple it is

As an independent practice, we are committed to providing patients in our community the best care at the lowest possible cost.

Wound Care Clinic

At Pacific Wound Healing Centers and at South Sound Surgery we, strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care and compassion. Our specially trained staff is here to assist patients who have wounds that are slow to heal.

Wound Care Clinic
  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Venous Wounds
  • Arterial Wounds
  • Surgical and Traumatic Wounds
  • Bed Sores (Decubitus Ulcers)
  • Chronic Wounds
  • Burns
  • Infected Wounds
  • Human and Animal Bites
  • Necrotizing Fasciitis
  • Skin Disorders
  • Wound care dressings and supplies provided for your convenience

John Conrad, MD

Wound Care Specialist

As an independent practice, we are committed to providing patients in our community the best care at the lowest possible cost. One way to do this is by providing care in an ambulatory surgical center; where on average the cost of care is half of that provided in a hospital affiliated facility. While most of our patients needs are taken care of in our facility, there are times where hospital care is necessary; this is why, Dr. Conrad maintains hospital-based privileges. At South Sound Surgery we serve our community by providing the highest level of care, focusing on each patient individual needs.

John Conrad, MD

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